Doubt: A Parable (2014)

doubtDoubt: A Parable (2014)doubt2
After the success of The Lady Revealed, Dr. Andrew B. Harris came to me again to collaborate on his next project, this time as the role of the director instead of the playwright. He wanted to put on a production at UNT of the wildly popular play Doubt; however, he was not impressed with the stock music that came with the show’s package. So, we worked together with surrounding Catholic churches, musicians, and community members to craft a score that would be faithful to the source material and the era. A great deal of thanks goes to Michele Baker for her generous support, advice, and help.

The music in the play incorporates old chants out of the Kyriale, a classic catholic hymn, and a notable Civil Rights Era anthem to give a true commentary to the action on stage, from all eras of the church that are represented in the play. The music consists of a small mass setting and two organ pieces that flank the play, for SATB Quartet and organ.

Music professionally recorded with the help of the following:

Soprano – Elizabeth McGee
Alto – Katie Butler
Tenor – Nathan Schafer
Bass – Mason Jarboe
Organ – Chris Winston
Audio Engineering – Zach Thomas
Mixing – Timothy Raja de Reuse (WGWGSA)

Performance History
Played September 25 – 28, 2014 at the University of North Texas.


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