In splendoribus Sanctorum (2015)

In splendoribus Sanctorum (2015) – SATB a cappella w/ organ ad lib. (5′ or 10′)
From Psalm 110 (Vulgate 109), this beautiful text describes our extremely personal and eternal relationship with God. This timeless relationship is the impetus behind the piece. The text is taken very slowly, allowing both audience and ensemble to focus on each vowel, consonant, and word, creating time for reflection, meditation, and introspection as each moment gradually unfolds. The work waxes and wanes through various states of density and clarity before closing like it never began, just as the work opened.

To emphasize the temporal fluidity and constantly evolving nature of our connection with God, this work has two distinct yet malleable forms: one that is about five minutes and the other that is about ten minutes. Each gesture is half as long/two times as long, across each work, creating a totally different type of perception and performance. Both versions have a distinct treatment of time and gesture, thus forming two intimately connected, but vastly differing works.

Appropriate for sacred or secular performance by intermediate ensembles and beyond, especially suited to Advent or Christmas services when performed in a sacred venue, as the text is often used for Christmas midnight mass.

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