Mass Miniatura (2014)

Mass Miniatura (2014) – SATB Quartet and Organ (13′)
Prelude (3′)
I. Kyrie (>1′)
II. Gloria (1′)
III. Credo (>1′)
IV. Sanctus (>1′)
V. Per Signum Crucis (2′)
VI. Gloria Patri (1′)
VII. Agnus Dei (2′)
Postlude (4′)
Commissioned by director Andrew Harris of the University of North Texas Department of Dance and Theatre for use in UNT’s 2014 production of the play “Doubt: A Parable,” this work is a small mass setting flanked by a postlude and prelude. The piece combines the composer’s voice with various traditional chants from the Kyriale, used as cantus firmi, a Civil Rights Era anthem, and a traditional Catholic hymn to create a unique setting that provides commentary on the Church from many different eras and viewpoints. A defining feature of this setting is its exciting rhythmic structure which is strictly centered around that of the old Chants. This is in direct dichotomy with the harmonic nature of the work which sets the old chants against new harmony.


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