Presbyopia (2013)

Presbyopia (2013) – Pierrot ensemble + percussion (9′)
Presbyopia takes its name from the eponymous medical condition that afflicts nearly every person on Earth who reaches old age. Although not fully understood, studies suggest the condition is most commonly associated with a weakening of the lens of the eye. Spurred by my sister who is doctor, the piece focuses on two aspects of this condition: the weakening of the eye, causing blurriness and confusion, and a reflection on growing older, rife with the intense nostalgia that comes along with the aging process. The piece is structured as a series of dichotomies, going back and forth between blurriness and clarity, mazy harmonic areas coupled with definite ones, and the busy life of youth together with the calm reflection old age; all are put on display throughout the work. The piece culminates in an exploration of nostalgia for the last few minutes, celebrating the present while reflecting on the past.

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