The Lady Revealed (2013-2014)

the lady revealed LOGO_v3
The Lady Revealed (2013-2014)
I began working with Dr. Andrew B. Harris on his wonderful new play The Lady Revealed in the Spring of 2013. The play centers on the life of a Cornish Shakespeare scholar, the late A.L. Rowse, as well as the focus of one of his most controversial writings, Emilia Bassano Lanier, widely believed to be the “Dark Lady” of the Sonnets. The play moves back in forth between modern times and the Renaissance period, showing A.L. Rowse in his prime, as well as Shakespeare and his
“Dark Lady” Emilia in the old times. The work gives us a unique view into the life and times of Cornwall’s most famous scholar, A.L. Rowse, and his controversial and saucy Dark Lady, Emilia Bassano Lanier.

The music in the play features influences from Sephardic folk music, Cornish music, and various renaissance tunes and composers, including the music of Giovanni Bassano (relative of Emilia in the play). Commissioned by Dr. Andrew B. Harris and the University of North Texas Department of Dance and Theatre.

Music professionally recorded with the help of the following:
Katie Troutman, Jennifer Kennedy, Heather Gregory – Flutes
Cody Mendoza – Oboe
Armin Abdihodzic, Stephen Lochbaum – Guitars
Will King – Violin
Daniel Chilton – Cello
Nathan Ryland – Piano
Michael Clement – Harpsichord
Sam Friedland – Percussion
Caroline Dubberly and Daniel Sabzghabaei – Voices
Audio Mixing – Timothy de Reuse (WGWGSA)
Audio Engineering – Joseph Lyszczarz

More information on the play:

Performance History
-Premiered Thursday April 11th 2013 at UNT in the Studio Theater.
-Workshop performances given March 17 – 18, 2014 at Theatre 3 in Dallas, Texas. (arr. live trio: Piano, M.W., and Cello).
-Second workshop performance in London’s West End by members of the Royal Shakespeare Company on July 4th, 2014 at the Tristan Bates Theatre.
-Third workshop performance given in New York City at the New Dramatists, March 16th, 2015.




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