At any rate – II. (باقی مانده (2020 “what remains” – for singing string quartet and record player (9′)
Catch+Release: a scrapbook (2019)
– for violin, cello, piano (18′)
Technobabble IV (2019) – 
high voice, flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, plastic bags (9′)
Dinner for Three (2018) – scene for clarinet (dbl. bc), bassoon (dbl. cbsn), amp contrabass, glasses, electronics (20′)
At any rate – I. All The Lonely People (2018)
 for amp fl/picc., record player, cl, vln, vc, pno, and perc (10′)
Two Reflections on The Belovèd (2016)
– for soprano and percussion quartet (8′)
Mass Miniatura (2014)
 for SATB quartet and organ (13′)
Upon Viewing a Family in Mourning (2013)
 for oboe/flute, clarinet, and bassoon (10′)
Four Short Dreams (2013)
 for violin, cello, piano, percussion, and fixed media (9′)
Presbyopia (2013)
for Pierrot ensemble and percussion (9′)

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